Can you make latte art with soy milk? The soy is a nightmare for some baristas. It sometimes looks curds, whey and colloids.

Here is a way to make coffee look better with soy milk. You can try to break the crema of the espresso with a splash of soy, then stir it with a spoon. Finally, pour the remaining soy milk in a fast, steady stream (from a height also helps). Sometimes, it is very helpful, but it does not always work.

There are some reasons why it is hard to make latte art with soy.


The milk thermometer was used to keep the micro-foam temperature at a standard 60-65°C. if you keep it around 55°C, then it will be easier to make latte art with soy milk. Because higher temperatures will be faster to separate steamed milk and foam.

Soy Milk

There is lots of soy milk in supermarkets. People like to try some soy milk which is designed for cafes, such as Bonsoy, Vitasoy, and organic soy milk. It is really a personal thing. Personally, I really like Bonsoy to make coffee for my friends. Happy Happy soy boy, and Macro Organic Soy is also tasty with coffee.

Coffee Beans(Acid)

If it still does not work, you need to think that it might not be the milk which is the problem. It may be caused by coffee beans. Acidity can affect the proteins of soy milk. It will be much harder to make the latte art with soy, if the coffee beans include higher acid. However, without acidity, then the coffee will taste”flat”. No matter how you brew or roast them, some coffees will always have more organic acids than others. Factors such as the origin, variety, processing method, and climate have a huge influence on this.

As a result, try keeping a better eye on your milk temperature and see if that solves the problem. If the milk still isn’t presentable, try reaching for the milk which worked best for us, Bonsoy. If they are not working, You may have to change coffee beans. I like to recommend a lower acid coffee.