This class is recommended for all skill levels and is the Fundamental building block for all of our classes.

          This class is one on one Beginner Package, more private.

          This home barista class is recommended for home espresso users wanting to take their espresso brewing to the next level.


          This is a private class, which will cover the necessary techniques to consistently produce beautiful designs in your espresso drinks.

          This is a private class, which will teach you the skills how to control the alternative milk to make the good latte art.

          It is a private class. We will brew and taste a variety of coffees, and workshop adjusting our brewing variables to get the tastiest shot of espresso.

         It includes 4 classes and 1 month practice in our school!

           It includes all of classes and 1 year practice time in our school!



           Practice by hourly

          Practice by monthly

          Practice with a professional barista 

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About us

Our training classes are specially developed to help teach you all aspects of coffee making and barista work. It designed for most coffee levels. Whether you are looking to take your coffee making skills to the next level at home, or starting work at your local cafe, we have you covered. We take our training seriously.

Private class on a weekday can be taught in English, Mandarin(中文)!