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Small group class, one student with one coffee machine and grinder to practice

We take our training more than serious



Espresso & Milk / Latte Art Level 1

This class is recommended for all skill levels and is the Fundamental building block for all of our classes.

Home Barista


This home barista class is recommended for home espresso users wanting to take their espresso brewing to the next level. You can BYO coffee machine here. We also can go to your place for training


1 on 1 Guided Practice


The guided practice session is a chance for new baristas to practice their espresso techniques, milk steaming and beverage preparation in a controlled environment, with a coffee trainer close at hand.

Latte Art Level 2


Plant milk (soy, almond, oat) steaming, splitting and pouring. Three advanced latte art designs: Swan/Seahorse/Unicorn.

Advanced Espresso


Delving into the science behind espresso extraction, this class will explain how to assess a shot of espresso based on strength and extraction quality.  

Internship Program


It is designed for students who want to gain more working experience. How to efficiently control and set up an espresso grinder to run a full brew recipe. and How to efficiently make coffee orders.

Coffee Class Packages


More classes you purchased, more unlimited practice included

Beginner Package:

Espresso workshop+Barista Initiation+latte art level 1 $205/p

Barista Package:

4 classes + 3 workshops + 1 month unlimited time practice (No coffee beans or milk included) $499/p

Master Barista Package:

6 classes + 3 workshops + 1 year unlimited practice (No coffee beans or milk included) $799/p

Practice Package:

Unlimited Practice for 1 Month $90 (No coffee beans or milk included)

You also can come and just pay hourly($29/h) incudes 300g coffee beans and 4L barista milk(Just need to walk in and pay)



Cupping single origin coffee beans and help you understand coffee flavours

Espresso Workshop

Use scale, distributor, and Needle distributor to make perfect Espresso

Internship Workshop

Make as much coffee as possible in one hour in the class room. Help you become proficient in the coffee making process.

Filter Workshop

Compare the difference from V60, Origami, Kalita
and Switch Filter. This class will help you to understand which dripper is more suitable for you.

Coffee Course Gift Voucher

Latte Art Level 1, beginner Package, Home Barista, and Barista Package is available with gift voucher.

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