Duration                                     6 days+1 year Practice

Cost Per Person                           $799 

Learn all the classes in one package. Now it is available!!! 

You need to finish all classes in 6 months.

Course includes Barista Initiation, Latte Art, Advanced Espresso Class, Advanced Latte Art, three days Guided Practice in the café to train and be on par with speed and service, and with our Advanced Trainer to learn how to set up your commercial coffee machine and grinder, how to adjust the grind and volumetrics of your espresso machine, time shots and load the perfect cake, and more importantly recognising the behaviours of the espresso to extract the perfect shot on time, every time.

Schedule for Master barista class

  • Barista Initiation: Choose a Wednesday or Saturday class (10am-1pm)
  • latte Art: same day with Barista Initiation Wednesday or Saturday (2pm-4pm)
  • Advanced Espresso Class  (Friday 4.00pm-6.00pm)
  • Advanced latte art 
  • Choose anytime for 3 days Guided practice class(2hours/day)

Class components:

  1. Includes Barista Initiation Class
  2. Includes Latte Art Class
  3. 3 days guided practice in café
  4. Free attend Advanced Espresso Class Once
  5. Free attend Advanced latte art Once
  6. 1 Year Unlimited Free Practice
  7. Master Barista certificate issued by The Gold Coast Coffee School (a good one to have on the resume)

Now there is a special offer only for our Master Barista students! 1 YEAR FREE PRACTICE, if you buy the training beans from us:) This offer only for our Master Barista students. You can come anytime if there is on coffee class and practice!

This way can make sure you can become a good Barista!