Choose and store beans

Most people like to buy coffee beans in a supermarket but that is not good idea for home coffee. Actually, coffee is a fruit, a cherry in fact. The fresh coffee beans have more flavour. Thus we need to know when coffee beans be roasted. The ideal ‘peak’ flavour times between 7-21 days. If you buy from the supermarket, you only can find those product printed with “used by” or “best before”, but we won’t know the roast date.

Local cafe is the good way to buy coffee beans if they sell them. Those local cafes offer the opportunity to build a relationship with someone passionate and knowledgeable about coffee. Baristas who work in those cafes can give you some advise if you get them know what flavours you like and even you can try a coffee before you buy.

To buy a small package of coffee bean, such as 200g or 250g, will be a good idea. Cause coffee beans will be quickly staled after you open the bag. There are some advice to store coffee at home that will keep it in the best possible condition. 1, keep the coffee airtight. 2, keep the coffee in a dark place. 3, don’t put it in the refrigerator. 4, keep it dry. These ways only can slow down the staling speed. The best way is finish it ASAP, once you open the coffee bean bag.

There are some information about the area of coffee beans. African coffees has more fruit driven flavours and floral aromas.
Ethiopia: complex berry and wine like aromas, such as blueberry and strawberry.

Kanya: juicy stone fruit, such as Tropical fruit. South and Central American coffee might be your thing if you are looking for clean coffees exhibiting delicate sugar browning sweetness, like chocolate or buttery pastry, accompanied with a softer fruit character. 
       Brazil: heavier body and peanut character.
       North of Colombia: caramels and toffees

India and Indonesian region is heavier bodied and earthy.
Often exhibiting a luscious and syrupy body combined with herbal and savoury flavours, these tend to be the most dividing in personal preference and definitely sit in the ‘Love or Hate’ bracket.