Iced Eisbock Latte

How to make a super cream and sweet iced eibock latte at home. Here is the recipe for it.


  • 200g eisbock milk
  • 25g espresso(1 shot)

The eisbock milk is the key that make this iced latte taste more cream and sweet.


Step1, Frozen 1L full cream milk in refrigerator.

Step2, Put the frozen milk into 0-10 degree fridge to defrost it. Stop to defrost the milk when you get the first 500-600ml liquid milk.

It is that simple. Then you can enjoy your Iced eibock latte at home.

Note: the eisbock milk likes “condensed milk”. It has around 6.2g/100ml protein and around 5.9g/100ml fat. That is why it tastes so creamy.