Espresso Preparation Workshop

Duration                                  1 hour

Date                                          Wed/Sat 9am-10am

Cost Per Person                    $30

This class is recommended for all skill levels and coffee lovers

Delving into the science behind espresso extraction. Help students to make a better espresso at home/Cafe. Collaborating as a group, we will brew and taste a variety of coffees.

Class components (9am-10am):

  1. Introduce you to the coffee grinder and espresso machine
  2. Learn how do we choose the coffee beans for commercial cafe/ home
  3. We will examine how brewing variables such as Does, Yield, Brew Ratio and Extraction Time
  4. Learn how to use the scale and distributer to make a perfect coffee at home/Cafe
  5. After class everyone can choose a single origin coffee beans or 2015 World Barista Championship-wining milk base coffee beans to make your own black /white coffee