Beginner Package

Beginner Package

Duration                                    5 hours

Date                                          Wed/Sat/Sun 10am-4pm

Cost Per Person                         $169

This class is recommended for all skill levels and is the Fundamental building block for all of our classes.

Starting your journey into the world of coffee can be a very daunting process especially for beginners. Here at The Gold Coast Coffee School, we have developed and tailored a program for all so that we are able to train those without experience but also help refresh and enhance the knowledge of those who have had the opportunity to work with coffee before.

It includes Barista Initiation, Latte Art. 

Schedule for Beginner Package

Barista Initiation: Choose a Wed, Sat or Sun class (10am-1pm)

latte Art Initiation: same day with Barista Initiation Wed, Sat or Sun (2pm-4pm)

Class components(10am-4pm):

  1. Introduce you to the commercial coffee machine and grinder
  2. Use the latest Barista trends
  3. Espresso shots
  4. Milk steaming, splitting and pouring for all the beverages regularly found on a coffee menu.
  5. History of coffee
  6. Cleaning, caring and maintaining a coffee machine
  7. Milk free pour technique
  8. Three foundation designs: hearts, flower-heart, tulips.
  9. Understand milk layering
  10. Unlimited coffee and milk to practice
  11. Milk etching
  12. Barista certificate of attendance issued

There is 1 hour break time between 1pm-2pm. 

After the class you can get 50% off, if you book a one hour guided practice within 1 month.