Latte Art Level 2

Duration                      2 hours (1 on 1 class)

Date                              Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sun

Cost Per Person           $150

Recommended Experience: Completed Fundamental

This is 2-hour 1 on 1 class and improve your latte art skills to next level.

Class components:

  1. Milk free pour technique
  2. Plant milk (soy, almond, oat) steaming, splitting and pouring
  3. Three advanced latte art designs: Swan/Seahorse/Unicorn.
  4. Understand milk layering
  5. Unlimited coffee and milk to practice

Advanced Espresso

Duration                      2 hours

Date                             Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday

Cost Per Person          $150

Recommended Experience: for all of espresso lovers

Delving into the science behind espresso extraction, this class will explain how to assess a shot of espresso based on strength and extraction quality.  

Class components:

  1. Green Coffee Beans
  2. Roasted Coffee Beans
  3. Calibrating Espresso
  4. Extraction Consistency
  5. How to determine ideal dose, extraction yield & brew time for the perfect recipe
  6. Practice dialling in one of single origin coffees. 

Internship Program

Duration                       2 hours

Date                            Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri

Cost Per Person          $150

It is designed for students who want to gain more working experience.

This class runs for 2 hours and you must have completed the Barista Initiation and latte art Initiation/Industry professional to be eligible.

Class components:

  1.  How to efficiently control and set up an espresso grinder to run a full brew recipe.
  2.  Understand coffee orders
  3.  How to efficiently make coffee orders
  4.  Coffee order practice with 2 bottles of full cream milk, 1 bottle skim milk, 1 special milk(soy/almond/coconut) and 1/2 a kg of coffee.


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